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About Us

About Us

Lianyungang Jinhong Mining Co., Ltd. is located in Donghai County, Lianyungang City, Jiangsu, China.
We are an large-scale  Rock mineral manufacturer, integrating garnet mining, separation, sales and scientific research, participated by a well known state-owned enterprise. Our main products are rutile, garnet and omphacite.

The company`s registered capital is 130 million RMB, with a total investment of 300 million RMB.
We have the most advanced mining equipment and mineral separation technology, with top production capacity in the same industry.

We own over 500 acres mining area, with the plant covering an area more than 200 acres;
the production workshop more than 20,000 square meters, with other auxiliary facilities  about 5000 square meters;

living area of 30 acres, and construction area about 6000 square meters.

Our annual output of raw ore is 600,000 tons, including 300,000 tons Almandine Garnet; 150,000 tons of Omphacite concentrate; 10,000 tons rutile, with titanium dioxide grade over 90%;  6,700 tons ilmenite, with titanium dioxide grade over 40%.


Rutile concentrate is the best raw material for production of high quality rutile titanium dioxide and titanium metal processing,
meanwhile, it is also one of the necessary raw materials for high grade welding electrodes.
Almandine, commonly known as "natural emery/corundum", is widely used in water jet cutting, sandblasting, polishing, filter material and other industries.
Our scale and production capacity of garnet  rank top in the world, and its technical indicators have reached the international standard, filling the blank of high-quality garnet concentrate in domestic, which relied on imports, meanwhile, it also lays foundation of exporting to worldwide. The exports will share over 30% of the capacity.
Based on the rich mineral resources and advanced technology, the company is to develop a garnet processing industry area and new abrasive industry base.
Adhering to the basic requirement of "scientific mining technology, efficient use of resources, standardized management, environmentally friendly production process , ecological mineral environment" , the company aims to develop a harmonious and green mining area.


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