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Garnet Abrasive,Garnet Sand

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Garnet Abrasive,Garnet Sand

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B24 20-40 mesh for blast cleaning

B24 20-40 mesh for blast cleaning


Rock garnet, selected from high quality almandine, with high hardness, high density, good toughness,sharp edges, is a kind of high-grade, pure natural non-metal abrasive for blast cleaning.

Garnet abrasive, processed in accordance with the highest standard of quality and particle size distribution, has extremely low dust and soluble salt (chloride) content and electrical conductivity, without harmful ingredients, free silicon or heavy metals, in accordance with ISO 11126, ISO 11127, PSPC and other specifications, meet the most demanding industrial and military technology.

Excellent surface cleaning effect, recycle 5 times, low cost of use.

Because of its sharp and uneven shape, it completly remove and cleaning the rust, dirt and other soluble salts. Surface treated by blasting abrasive, no convex tips or pits adverse, the highest Sa3 level blasting grade, surface roughness is 30-80 micron, stronger coating adhesion and longer service life.

Blast cleaning garnet abrasive, hardness 7.5-8.0, density 4.2g/cm3, sharp angle edge, cutting effect is excellent, blasting cost is low. More benefit from the RZG garnet abrasive blasting abrasive, with excellent toughness and low brittleness, low broken rate.

Excellent working environment

Garnet abrasive, proceed by 6 times washing, has very low dust content, at the same time as a result of RZG blasting material, its sedimentation rate is fast, so the work environment is excellent.

Garnet abrasive is widely used in offshore drilling platform module, shipbuilding, petroleum and petrochemical equipment and piping, pressure vessel, car body, steel structure, power plants, chemical plants, oil storage tanks and other anti-corrosion parts, supercharger for automobile spare parts, with material of Aluminum Alloy, stainless steel, duplex stainless steel, copper, galvanized steel and glass. It is the best choice to replace Zong Gangyu, glass beads, copper slag, nickel slag, PS ball, coal cinder, quartz sand, steel shot, steel and other traditional abrasive.


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